How to lose weight? – Top 18 weight-loss tips

Are you ready? Here we go. Start at the top of the list (most important) and go down as far as you need. Click on any tip to read all about it. Perhaps you only need the first piece of advice?

  1. Choose a low-carb diet
  2. Eat when hungry
  3. Eat real food
  4. Eat only when hungry
  5. Measure your progress wisely
  6. Be persistent
  7. Avoid fruit
  8. Avoid beer
  9. Avoid non-caloric sweeteners
  10. Review any medications
  11. Stress less, sleep more
  12. Eat less of dairy products and nuts
  13. Supplement vitamins and minerals
  14. Use intermittent fasting
  15. Exercise wisely
  16. Achieve optimal ketosis
  17. Get your hormones checked
  18. Consider weight-loss pills (if desperate)

1. Meal Timing

Losing weight and keeping it off has everything to do with nutrition and the time when you eat and fuel your body. The food that you eat really is what you need to get those pounds off.

You should eat breakfast and fuel your body for the day within one hour of your waking up. After this, you wanna make sure you’re eating every 3 hours, more or less.

So have 4-5 small meals per day, eat constantly so that your body has the energy to keep moving and burning those calories.

2. Eat The Right Amount Of Nutrients

What your food consists of, what you’re putting in your body has a lot to do with how you feel, how your body reacts and how your body works. So you want to make sure you have the right amount of nutrients in the foods that you eat.

Make sure the food you’re eating every day has a lot of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber and it has as few fats as possible if your goal is to lose weight fast.

3. Coordinate Your Workouts With What You Eat

To lose weight faster than others, it’s not enough to eat healthily and work out, you just need to know how to combine these two key factors for weight loss.

In the days when you really pump your cardio workouts eat high carb – low protein meals. When you do the strength training workouts make sure to have a low carb – high protein diet.

If you’re at your friend’s birthday and you eat some cake, this is the day when you should add 10-15 minutes to your regular workout.

4. Never Go 2 Days Without Working Out

This is not a tip, this is THE RULE you should never break. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are; if today is day 2 of rest, you need to change that and workout.

You don’t need to work out every day if you don’t have that much time (which, ironically, you should have because what is more important than your health!?), but just make sure to be active and do some exercises at least 30 minutes every 2 days.

So don’t let day 3 to come in without a workout!

5. Eat Less + Workout More

If you want to lose weight fast, you need either to burn more calories through working out or to eat fewer calories in a day than usual.

The safest way to lose weight fast is to combine those 2 situations: eat 250-300 calories per meal if you’re a female, or 350-400 calories per meal if you’re a male and exercise a little bit more than usual.

So if you’re not an active person, a good start would be to add 15 minutes of exercises daily. On the other hand, if you’re working out daily but still you don’t see the result you want, add a few minutes, or a few sets, or a few reps to your exercises.

Here you can learn how to count calories if you want to restrict your calorie intake.

Be careful because if your workout is a hard one and always you’re trying to beat your own records, you need to eat more than 300-400 calories pre-meal. This is something relative, it varies from person to person and that’s why you need to know your body and to know what’s best for you.

I just want to say to you that this is totally possible, you can lose weight fast! There are tons of pictures on the internet with people that lost a lot of weight, and some of them even lost it fast. I’ve seen it happen, you’ve seen it happen!

The great thing about your body is that if you DO or if you DON’T, your body will adapt.

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